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Mountain Guide Jochele Martin

Mountain Guide Jochele Martin

My name is Martin Baumgartner, and I was born in 1987; I’m also known as Jochele Martin, because I grew up on Jochelehof farm. I trained as a motor mechanic, and I now manage Jochelehof farm together with my family. I love walking in the mountains, both in summer and winter. In 2018, I passed the “certified alpine skier guide” exam, and I will be happy to accompany you up into the mountains. You can choose one of the many classic routes or opt for one of the lesser-known trails.

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To help you plan your trips and activities, here is a list of the various services and disciplines I offer:

Rock and Ice

Alpine climbing

The great walls in the story of mountaineering, multi-pitch rock climbs, classic but also less popular routes: equipped with harness, gloves, helmet, rope and tools to ensure our safety, we climb higher and higher using both our feet and hands, to finally enjoy a stupendous view from the top.

Vie Ferrate (climbing routes)

A memorable experience for both adults and children! Equipped with a harness, a via ferrata kit and helmet, we climb up rocky walls fitted with metal ropes, rungs and ladders.

Ice climbing

Are you a beginner or an expert? We have trips for everyone: you can choose between classic waterfall ice climbing, modern mixed climbing and the latest trend of “dry tooling”. We’ll need our ice axes, crampons and ice screws. With the right technical clothing, ice climbing is enjoyable in almost any sort of weather.

On the snow and on the glaciers

Ski mountaineering

Wearing skis with skins, we travel through a magical winter landscape towards the summit, and enjoy the splendid view before skiing back down over fresh white snow.

Ski traverses

Travelling on skis with skins, we spend several days at altitude, moving from peak to peak and shelter to shelter, always looking towards the horizon and enjoying the beauty of the landscape.

Snowshoe hikes

Our snowshoes creak over fresh snow as we set off for destinations inaccessible on foot, surrounded by the quiet beauty of a pristine landscape. A very special way to get around in winter!

Are you looking for beauty or a challenge?

Trekking in the mountains

Would you prefer a pleasant walk between mountain huts, or a climb up one of the easier peaks? Time seems to stand still at altitude – and we relish the experience of hiking through the mountains with a light backpack.

High altitude excursion

Our crampons are firmly fixed to our hiking boots; we take hold of our ice axes and rope ourselves safely together. In this way, we can cross glaciers and climb steep ridges and walls, until we reach the top of our chosen peak.

Ice wall

Are you an experienced ice climber, and have you already tried some routes at high altitude? Frozen walls have a special appeal for mountaineers – and with the right training and planning we can enjoy our adventure in complete safety and with maximum satisfaction.

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