Via Rasun di sopra 15 / Oberrasner Straße 15 | 39030 Rasun-Anterselva / Rasen-Antholz
Our farm in Valle di Anterselva

Our farm in Valle di Anterselva

Life at Jochelehof

For several generations on our farm we have raised dairy cattle. In our barn you’ll find not only milk cows but also calves and a bull.

There are also other farm animals to be discovered. During the day, our pigs and our rooster and his flock of hens range freely around the farm until it’s time to come back in for the night.

And our cat is always looking for attention and caresses.


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The products of Jochelehof

Here on the farm you’ll find fresh milk and fresh eggs every day. On request, we also offer homemade yogurt and butter.

In addition, depending on the season, in our vegetable garden you can help yourself to salad greens, carrots, radishes, and so on, as well as the fresh herbs in our herb spiral.

But that’s not all! We also offer homemade speck and smoked sausages, as well as potatoes.

On request, we also prepare homemade apple strudel.

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